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Organisaton Name: Empire Partner Foundation
Location: Cape Town
Posted: 28 October 2023
Organisaton Name: Young African Innovators Hub
Location: Africa
Posted: 4 November 2023

Transforming Skill Development
for Future-Ready Professional customized learning journeys, precise tracking, instant monitoring,
and a dedicated marketplace, we empower you to excel in the ever-evolving landscape.

Create a Programme Five Pillars of Skills Development


Placement uses AI-driven skill assessments to help recruiters find the perfect candidates for their programs. Our platform allows students, professionals, and postdoctoral candidates to confidently showcase their skills, bridging the gap between talent and organizations.


Learning learning pillar offers tailored learning experiences for students, professionals, and postdoctoral candidates. Our AI-powered platform analyses your skills and goals to create personalised learning programs that effectively boost your knowledge and expertise.



In the tracking pillar, utilizes AI to monitor trainee progress through periodic assessments and tests. It empowers program managers to stay in control, make data-driven decisions, and efficiently manage their programs, professional training, and academic courses, all within a user-friendly platform.


Monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and effectiveness of your programs. It is designed to provide real-time insights and data-driven feedback rounds to program managers, university administrators, participants, and sponsors.


Marketplace's innovative marketplace empowers organizations to discover and recruit talent with verified skills. Match organizational needs with candidates who possess the precise qualifications, ensuring a workforce ready to drive immediate impact.

Experience streamlined
placement solutions

Program managers have the flexibility to manually define and tailor programs to their specific needs.

Define desired skill sets for each program, ensuring precision in talent acquisition.

Incorporate AI generated quizzes for shortlisting candidates before the interview stage.

Streamline the talent acquisition process, making it more efficient and effective.

Provide a user-friendly interface for program managers, ensuring ease of use and seamless customization.

Empower program managers to take control of the placement process, from program definition to candidate shortlisting.

Personalised Learning, Your Way

Learning Individuals benefit from personalized learning journeys, tailored content, and optimized skill development thanks to generative AI.'s platform supports differentiated instruction, providing immediate feedback tailored to meet each individual's learning needs.

The Learning pillar encourages personalized and flexible learning experiences for individuals seeking to upskill.

The Learning pillar allows learning individuals to get stand-alone learning opportunities.

Monitoring Your Learning
Individuals with precision AI.

Generative AI creates tailored quizzes for learning individuals, ensuring personalized and effective upskilling.

Quiz marks are accessible by stakeholders, providing transparent insights into individual progress.

Workplace Skills Development Managers can monitor employee progress in real-time, aligning skill development with organizational objectives.

University Program Managers oversee program engagement and progress with generative AI, making data-driven adjustments when necessary.

Government Entities track the effectiveness of training programs, addressing challenges as they arise.

Monitoring Your Learning Individuals
with Ai -Driven Data Insights

With the use of Generative Ai recommendations aim to increase success chances in specific programs.

Program managers receive insights for proactive adjustments to enhance program outcomes.

Learning individuals benefit from personalized recommendations to improve their performance.

The Monitoring pillar acts as a proactive guide, ensuring learning programs align with individual needs and maximize success.

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Discover Top Talent with

Upon completion of their programs, individuals receive valuable certifications, validating their skills. takes the next step by placing these certified trainees onto our Marketplace platform.

Recruiters can then leverage the platform to easily discover and connect with skilled candidates, streamlining the recruitment process for a more efficient and effective hiring experience. as a platform

Program managers can easily monitor and manage Trainee or Academic Applications.

Our Pillars:

Features Offered by

End-to-end optimization of applications and onboarding process.

Add and manage Academic or Organisational Interventions and Projects.

Trainee Knowledge Tracking.

Transparent communication between stakeholders

Track trainee Varsity Life Conditions or Workplace Satisfaction

Monitoring of project finances or academic sponsorship finances.

Who Uses

project managers
´╗┐academic research supervisors

Company employees,
program trainees.

Bursary owners,
government departments,

Our Impact Scale

Through monitoring platform, we have
achieved significant milestones:


Active Academic Users


Monitoring Programs


Partnership Sponsorship


Progress Reports

available bursaries,
scholarships and training programs.

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